30 May 2020: Our new collaboration with an eligible design house for special hulls

We are proud to announce to our clientelle the eligible, signature designs and buildings by Juan Moreno/Capilano, within our new agency agreement and technical collaboration for

– high-speed,

– special service,

– offshore service-all weather craft

– pleasure boats/yachts

of steel/aluminum/composite structures and great seaworthiness, performance and comfort…

Further projects, to be announced…

13 May 2020: On owners’ request, our rapid response on damage claim and following repairs

Within 24 hours from owners’ request for damage after collision claims and following repairs at Malaysian waters, beside the lockdown restrictions, we and our Principals at Hon Marine have accomplished all inspection – damage evaluation on owner’s behalf, with high qualified surveyors. Now, our Principals are proceeding with all necessaery repairs…

Photo: Our Principals’ surveyors and technicians are going on board at 12pm of the same night!

11 May 2020: 2 cargo cranes successfully repaired by Hon Marine


Only within 10 days after lockdown, our Principals, Messrs Hon Marine have successfully repaired 2 cargo cranes: all sheaves and wire ropes at Port Klang anchorage, Malaysia



April 2020: Our Official Partnership with Hon Marine at Singapore – Malaysia – Vietnam

We are proud to announce our exclusivity contract for the Greek Shipping Market, with Messrs Hon Marine, a top quality 24/7 service house for

– repairs – general (steel, pipe & engine works)

– repairs afloat / anchorage

– Lay up services

– high standards manufacturing facilities

– engineering support/design & retrofiting

– inspection, evaluation and claims

– Tank / cargo hold cleaning / painting / blasting etc.

– underwater works

… and more…

for SE Asia: Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam.