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August 2022 – Introducing to the Greek Market a brand new repairing service without hot works!

We are very pleased to announce our brand new Principals, for lifting/bonding/fastening works and structural (hull/pipe etc.) repairs WITHOUT the need for HOT WORKS (!), Messrs Cold Pad! Cold Pad has developed tools, procedures and materials, already granted Class approvals, which can be suitable for harsh environments, alike crude oil or LNG tanks, and hot […]

September 2021 – Our brand new collaboration with the most eligible Fuel Injection Equipment house!

SPINDLE GIKEN, the expert on reconditioning of the core components of diesel engines using super precision technology  Fuel Injection pump, fuel injection valve, discharge valve, two-way delivery valve, fuel injection pipe, air release valve, cylinder liner, piston crown, plunger, pump cylinder, fuel Injection pump safety valve, cylinder safety valve, pressure-indicator, puncture valve, admission valve, Sulzer […]

2021 and 2022 – CURRENT consultancy services for your Fleet and Terminals!

In late 2021 and first half of 2022 we have expanded our activities including also consultancy services for Marine Vessels and Energy/Bunkering Terminals, including: Structural Retrofit Studies 3D Scans Maneuvering CFD/Simulation Planning Hull Design Performance Monitoring Mooring Design (Arrangement Plan & Dynamic/Offshore/Fatigue) and currently we are strongly collaborating on the Energy Efficiency framework for paramount […]

March 2021 – Going on with more urgent repairs in SE Asia

A fast steel-temporary repairs project, on owner’s request, has been accomplished in Tanjung Pelepas port, after severe damage. In a few hours after the owner’s inquiry, all required port planning, inspections and tests were accomplished. A 3T amount of steel has been transferred onboard in less than 8hrs, whereas, the whole temporary repairing works lasted […]

Major Greek Shipping Company has highly evaluated services provided in SE Asian Waters

Further to our rapid response for severe damage claims on owners behalf and following repairs, for M/V MINERVA JULIE, held by late May till late June 2020, our eligible customer has highly evaluated our responsibility, our respect to their needs and personnel, our technical support and, of course, our Principals’ (Messrs Hon Marine) unique: methodology […]

Jan 2021: Another safe – fast – secure repair project in SE Asia!

Another urgent repair after unexpected request from a Major Greek Shipping Company. Our partners in Malaysia Messrs Hon Marine completed the temporary repairs for vessel’s class satisfaction with minimum time delay to her schedule Rapid inspection – survey and contribution to safe departure of  M/R ORESTES Temporary repairs accomplished within hours Landing of  a severe […]

30 May 2020: Our new collaboration with an eligible design house for special hulls

We are proud to announce to our clientelle the eligible, signature designs and buildings by Juan Moreno/Capilano, within our new agency agreement and technical collaboration for – high-speed, – special service, – offshore service-all weather craft – pleasure boats/yachts of steel/aluminum/composite structures and great seaworthiness, performance and comfort… Further projects, to be announced…

13 May 2020: On owners’ request, our rapid response on damage claim and following repairs

Within 24 hours from owners’ request for damage after collision claims and following repairs at Malaysian waters, beside the lockdown restrictions, we and our Principals at Hon Marine have accomplished all inspection – damage evaluation on owner’s behalf, with high qualified surveyors. Now, our Principals are proceeding with all necessary repairs… Photo: Our Principals’ surveyors […]